envt conservation conservationHumans depend on the environment for survival; from food to the air that we breathe in all comes from the environment. There it is important that we protect and conserve the environment. This conservation entails the protection of the ecosystems and natural habitats, protection of the atmosphere from pollution & damage to the ozone layer, preservation of natural resources as well as adopting the use of renewable resources.

Brittany Brittany
Did environmental destruction change site from French to English?

Betty Betty
I’m also wondering what happened to the site.

Levi Levi
I think it’s under-construction but this time in English.


envt protectionIt should be noted that the protection of the environment stands to benefit us in a number of was hence measures and policies which seek to conserve the environment should be embraced. For instance, when we preserve the ecosystems and the natural habitats we protect the food chains of the animals therein; when we prevent pollution of the atmosphere, we ensure that we get fresh air to breathe which is free from respiratory diseases hence we will live a longer life span. Also by protecting the ozone layer, it means that we reduce the amount of hazardous ultraviolet radiation rays which reaches the earth’s surface hence reduce chances of illnesses such as skin cancer and sunburns.

When we preserve natural resources it means that resources such as clean water will be available to all now and in the future thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that, natural resources can best be preserved by utilizing renewable energy which has little negative effects on the environments as opposed to non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels which when burned pose potential hazards on the environment as well as atmosphere.

Tyler Tyler
someone somewhere wants to start collecting beer cans for a penny in the name of recycling.

Jessica Jessica
that’s never done out of greed but on consciousness.

Levi Levi
Here is a lady preaching to us about consciousness. What do you know about it

David David
Green energy doesn’t mean having green sexy eyes young girl.

Gretchen Gretchen
And what with you guys?

Hector Hector
I bet we should all be sensitive about environmental matters.


This website was initially published in French by a movement based in Quebec, Canada called Sept-Îles Sans Uranium (SISUR )- Sept-Îles without Uranium. This was a group formed in 2008 by the citizens of Quebec to oppose the exploration of uranium in Quebec as the Terra Ventures Company was drilling the region in search of uranium.

They briefly used the domain but they let it expire but it seems that they migrated to sisur.org which they are currently using.

I picked this domain up and it’s still under-construction and will be publishing great post about environmental conservation and protection. Already there are several published posts and you can read them by clicking the categories below.