Are Enhancers of HGH legal in Canada?

GenF20 News 2017

As of Aug 2017 GenF20 has been restricted for purchase in Canada. There are discussions about the list of amino acids and Health Canada has since began to restrict the imports into Canada. The specific amino acid in question is not know at this time but the manufacturer is working with Health Canada to resolve their concerns.

GenFX is perfectly legal in Canada

GenFX in Canada for Sale

GenFX in Canada for Sale

The use of HGH enhancers like Genf20 Plus are legal in Canada. The intended purpose is for anti-aging and better health and this treatment options works very well and is probably the reason it’s so popular in Canada.

The Warning on HGH Being Legal in Canada!

Are HGH Supplements Legal in Canada?

Are HGH Supplements Legal in Canada?

Health Canada has NO restrictions on HGH stimulating supplements in Canada BUT you should know that any company or website online saying they have deals or discounts on real or pure HGH supplements, with the intention of leading you to believe their supplement contain HGH are scams.

Taking any supplement that contains synthetic HGH in the ingredients are SCAMS!


Synthetic HGH doesn’t work! HGH Enhancers like GenFX boost your natural HGH levels it DOESN’T replace it.

Let me explain further… even though our body produces human growth hormones if synthetic HGH it is introduced into our body it will NEVER reach the blood stream to do any good at all.

The HGH that is produced in our bodies is a protein and all the proteins we eat in our diet are digested in the stomach. So this means if we were to take an oral HGH tablet, the exact same thing would happen as it does with any food, it get digested making it completely useless and would have NO therapeutic effects at all.

The stomach will not allow any type of synthetic HGH to pass by the digestion process and therefore the HGH contained in any supplement or liquid is ineffective and can NOT work!

It’s this very reason that men and women seek the use of HGH injections because the HGH is injected directly into the blood stream and by-passes the stomach all together.

What about HGH Injections in Canada are They Legal?

No HGH injections are not Legal in Canada! Only a physician can prescribe Growth Hormone injections in Canada and the USA and they will never be sold over the counter because of the known side effects of this type of treatment and the many factors that have to be taken into account.

Before injections can be prescribed a doctor visit is required and blood tests taken. In many cases for the purpose of anti aging OHIP will not cover this HGH injections. As part of a hormone replacement therapy (for example, combined with testosterone) it may be covered if your health is at risk.

This is why HGH enhancers are becoming so popular in Canada and the USA. There is no prescription needed because these supplements contain many of the key amino acids necessary to boost the production of natural HGH from the pituitary gland.

As far as GH injections that are used for therapy, the only ones that are legal to use in Canada are those approved by FDA in the USA and these would only be a very select few and then from those, only the brands that are Health Canada approved to made in Canada, can be prescribed by qualified physicians.

Do HGH Enhancer Supplements Work?

If you do decide that an HGH enhancer is a better, safer and less expensive way to go then you should try a proven product like Genfx in Canada because it has the clinical data and Doctor endorsements to back it up.

Just a quick review of the clinical studies showed that in a group of participants aged around 40 years old who were taking GenF20 Plus, a statistically significant increase of 28.57% was seen in serum IGF-1 levels when compared to the placebo group that was -0.55%.

Watch Dr. Steven Lamm Endorsement of Genf20 Plus

 This hgh supplement is legal in Canada and has already been used by Many Canadians and it can help you too!

Genf20 HGH legal in Canada

Genf20 HGH legal in Canada

Is HGH Legal in Canada for Everyone?

Yes it is!

GenF20 Plus is completely safe for men and women over the age of 18 because it contains Amino acids. See Genf20 Ingredients list. Tens are still producing lots of HGH so supplementing is not required unless your want to take an HGH enhancer to grow taller.

Are HGH Pills Safe?

Are HGH Pills Safe for everyone?

These ingredients have been medically proven to enhance production of the human growth hormone so it enhances the body’s health and slows the aging process down significantly.

Starting younger is always a good idea as it can help prevent many different long term aging health issues. in addition you will lose weight easier and faster while building muscle much faster also.

For those looking for fat loss and bulging biceps it will help but increased levels of HGH can assist your skin’s condition, strengthen your nails, allow you to sleep much easier and improve your general health. In other words, it can just make you look more youthful.

For those of you who aren’t entirely convinced, there is a 60 day money-back guarantee so that you can try it out for yourself and see if all the customer reviews are accurate.

So not only is Genf20 Plus HGH legal in Canada it’s Doctor recommended!

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