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Genf20 FAQ about HGH
Genf20 FAQ about HGH

Growth Hormone Canada FAQ List

Question from Cameron: Hello, I was just wondering what age is right to use this HGH. I am wondering if it can be used to increase height and/or strength and Overall Fitness? Thank you.

Answer: All great questions Cameron!!

Our natural HGH levels are at the highest when we are in our mid to late teens and then it drops significantly through our late 20’s and so on.

To increase height the earlier you start (mid-late teens) taking HGH enhancers the better because teens are still growing.

If you are under 18 I would suggest speaking to your parents first.

The Genf20 Plus is very safe to use because it’s made of many key amino acids that anyone at any age can by in health food stores. In fact I used to take amino acid supplements when I was 15 years old and working out at home all the time.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Question from Lisa: Can the genf20 work me? I’m 48 and female. I currently take B vitamins for energy. Looking forward to your reply.

Answer: Thanks for the question Lisa. Yes absolutly! You can stop taking the B vitamins because the Glutamine orL-glutamine contained in the Genf20 plus are among the most popular amino acid supplements for energy and mood. They reverse the effects of fatigue and depression giving you more energy and the Glutamic acid, which is derived from glutamine, is very important for proper brain function. Basically you’ll see a big difference in your outlook on many things and you will handle stress much better than ever before. Certainly worth giving it a try!

Question from Wes Coulter: I just started working out and I have been looking into HGH injections, a friend of mine can supply me. Which is better HGH supplements or HGH injections?

Answer: WOW! Great question, Thanks for asking.

First of all HGH injections over the counter are illegal and NOT safe! Stay away from these. Only take prescription HGH injections but you should know that your doctor may not prescribe these because thy are only really used for HGH deficiency patients.

Secondly, HGH supplements, “The ones that work” are really HGH enhancers, meaning they safely raise your natural HGH levels by stimulating the Pituitary gland in the brain to produce more human growth hormones. This is a much safer method.

If your starting to weight train for the purpose of muscle growth than certain amino acids are going to really help you see results sooner and this is why professional muscle builders take amino acid supplements. The HGH supplements better suited for muscle gain are called HyperGH 14x because they are specifically made for intense muscle growth.

Question from Aaron L: How long wil it take for me to receive genf20 in Vancouver Canada?

Answer: Shipping to anywhere in Canada can take between 4 – 10 days depending on demand and mail volumes.




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