GenF20 Ingredient List

List of Genf20 Ingredients and Health benefitsHere is a complete list of GenF20 Plus ingredients and as you can see all are 100% natural based ingredients.

All of these ingredients are chosen for their ability to influence the pituitary gland in some way, as in to incite it to release more growth hormone.

Most of the ingredients are amino acids that act as HGH releasing agents, but there are also ingredients that contain substances that directly impact anti aging by stimulating Human Growth Hormones.

There are a great many potent ingredients in the GenF20 Plus formula that not only rejuvenate the body and add to vitality and vigor, but also add to levels of HGH or human growth hormone within the human body, that all important factor that research in recent years has linked to the aging process. Let us take a closer look.

Ingredients of GenF20 Plus

Genf20 Ingredients ListAstragalus root is really one of the primary ingredients of this fascinating product, and extremely important to the mix. You might thing that Astragalus root is a relatively new discovery. Actually, this substance has been used by the Chinese for centuries, yet modern medicine has found it to be far more effective than even the ancient Chinese thought it to be. It makes the metabolism much faster, resulting in a leaner, healthier body. You will feel as if years have been stripped from your body.

Deer Antler Velvet is a source of insulin-like growth factors that are known to be directly related to levels of HGH within the human body. Deer Antler Velvet has thus been known to directly boost HGH production. But its benefits don’t end there. Cartilage regeneration also occurs; resulting is less joint-related issues as you age.

Arginine: One of the most important reasons Arginine is included is that it helps raise HGH levels within the body, sometimes tripling levels of HGH. It’s also great at combating fatigue when you exercise, leading to a new, fitter you!

Glutamine is a crucial and extremely important amino-acid that is instrumental in calming the mind and combating stress. Cellular regeneration is also enhanced, which means that you sleep better at night and feel better in the morning.

Glycine is potent because it institutes a direct stimulation of the pituitary gland itself. This substance causes levels of HGH to increase progressively.

Lysine multiplies the effects of the GenF20 Plus mix, causing it to be up to 10 times more effective at enhancing HGH levels than it would be otherwise!

Tyrosine in the GenF20 Plus pills combats fatigue and provides you with a ‘healing factor’ that can make exercising a pure pleasure. You’ll also find that this ingredient is known to fight depression. It is another ingredient that works to speed up your metabolism, ensuring that you easily lose any excess weight.

GABA is essentially a crucial neurotransmitter that ensures that your mental patterns become more acute and concise. Besides this undoubted benefit to the mind, you’ll also find that GABA can benefit the entire nervous system as well. And, as is well known, GABA also causes HGH levels in your body to rise significantly.

Colostrum is another important ingredient that makes the GenF20 Plus pills such an effective combination of HGH releasers. Colostrum primarily works on the immune system, and also enhances tissue repair and healing times. It can also help enhance levels of HGH as well.

Valine is a powerful amino acid that it is important to supplement because it cannot be secreted within the body itself and must be sourced through the diet. It is crucial to maintaining a high metabolism.

Pituitary powder is of immediate benefit in increasing the production output of the body’s own pituitary gland, sending HGH levels higher immediately and also incidentally enhancing the gland’s output of a good many other beneficial substances as well.

Phosphatidyl Choline essentially benefits the absorption of the other ingredients. It can also be useful in reducing excess weight in the body, especially in hard to get rid of areas like the thighs and waist.

Ornithine is one of the most powerful releasers in the GenF20 Plus mix, said by some studies that have been conducted to be a 100% more effective than L-Arginine. Of course, when used along with L-arginine, the results are potent indeed.

GTF Chromium is indispensable in the transportation of glucose throughout the body, and as such can be extremely useful in controlling levels of blood sugar and keeping them to safe values. This has an additionally beneficial effect in that HGH levels tend to soar under such conditions.

Arginine: This is the most commonly used amino acid that has long been used in medical labs to stimulate HGH release. On its own, it is powerful, but in conjunction with other amino acids, even more so.

Glutamine: Another one of the main amino acids and is essential for the growth and maintenance of cells, tissues, and organs. It is the most abundant amino acid in the body.

Glycine: Glycine is a non-essential amino acid, but is needed for the improvement of blood sugar control. Blood sugar level is one of the inhibiting factors for HGH release, and therefore, taking glycine can only be helpful. It also has a role in the synthesis of other amino acids in the body.

Tyrosine: This amino acid is essential for the production of Thyroxine in the thyroid gland. Thyroxine is a key element in metabolism, and that is why a healthy thyroid gland is so important.

Valine: This branched chain amino acid cannot be produced in the body, and therefore needs to be obtained from external sources. It is useful for energy uptake in the muscles.

Ornithine: Ornithine is frequently combined with arginine, lysine, and glutamine to make a basic amino acid stack. It increases the effect of arginine on the pituitary.

Astragalus: The only herb in the line-up, astragalus was included probably because it is a potent adaptogenic herb which provides all the same benefits like ginseng, but minus the “heat” of ginseng.

Pituitary anterior powder: This powder is I believe of bovine extract, and contains a lot of growth factors and has a homeopathic effect on the pituitary gland, meaning just a little of it ingested stimulates your pituitary to work even better.

Two other nutrients in the formulation that helps it work even better are phosphatidyl choline which acts as an emulsifier and thus aids absorption, and chromium. Chromium helps insulin to metabolize blood sugar more efficiently, and is important because low blood sugar is what aids in HGH release.


  1. I wanted to say thanks for the extra time you gave me helping me decide if HGH is good for me. I like the fact you didn’t try to make a sale but instead help me deiced if this was gonna be a smart investment or not as I’m very skeptical. I love the fact that this product contains Lysine!! Not many do.


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