GenF20 Review from Keith M

I think with any products you buy online these days it’s very important to read customer reviews for people who are using the products your interested in buying online.

Genf20 Plus Customer Review

I have had a loyal customer of the last 3 years who has been taking the Genf20 Plus who just ordered another year supply and we have been in correspondence for a while now. His name is Keith McFadden and I asked him, like I do most of my customers, how he’s been feeling since taking this HGH enhancer these last 3 years.


His reply…

Keith McFadden Genf20 Customer review“Hi Rick it’s been great that’s 3 years now and feeling great still do my 40/50 lbs dumbbells every day. Bench 200+ on regular basis play tennis twice a week workout twice a week and practice Wushu twice a week so very high energy it’s great not too shabby for a guy in his mid 50 s”. – Keith M

He was gracious enough to send a picture along with his feedback. Keith certainly doesn’t look like he’s in his mid 50’s and the fact that he has more energy and stays active is something I think most people after the age of 40 would like also.

Good for you Keith and wishing you the very best with lifestyle and health!

– Richard Jarvis


I have been using Genf20 for over 5 years now and it has really helped me stay and look younger. When I first saw these results about 4 years ago I could not believe how HGH enhancers have changed my life and they can change other peoples lives as well. My mission is to provide those who are interested in HGH supplements with the correct and honest information about why it works and how it works.

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  1. Requested these to give it a try and I was truly inspired by the information I read and the size of the box when it arrived. Until now, My rest was back to normal, what i have truly seen is a bit fat loss in my stomach area. My wife even said a few weeks ago that seems like my face got a little slimmer. And I say, Oh really? LOL! Well, all i can say this product was so amazing and you can try it for your self. I really love GENF20 PLUS from a legit and reliable website.

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