Things I Find Attractive in Women Now That I’m 50

Jeff Evans and Genf20 Plus
By Jeff Evans

As an aging male of almost 50 years old, I find that my attractions to the opposite sex have matured over the last decade or so. I realize that most men of any age are attracted to younger women BUT here are some really big eye openers for those who might be looking down the younger side of the tracks when the gold is right in front of you.

The tight, firm skin and athletic bodies of females younger than us is something the male hormones are designed to be attracted to and this is perfectly human and therefore men cannot help it because they are aesthetically pleasing.

As we age the psychological effects drive us to look and feel younger so that we are still attractive to the opposite sex. Not meeting the bar or being able to perform sexually are certainly very big stress factors we try to cope with and as a result, anti aging products such as wrinkle creams and HGH boosters are in high demand.

Remember that with age come maturity and there are many other attractive aspects about the opposite sex our own age that you may have completely overlooked or you may be a bit under appreciating.

To fall in love for the first time or over again or even deeper all stems from these key aspects for me and you can let me know if you agree.

Things I Find Attractive in Women over 50

Attractive woman over 50
Attractive woman over 50

This is my list of things I find attractive and sexy in a woman, now that I’m almost 50 years old.

Natural Looking – There is nothing more attractive than a natural looking women to me. No Botox or plastic surgery and certainly NO breast implants. Understanding that no one is ever 100% happy with the way they look you need to keep in mind that what you see in the mirror is not always what other people see. You really are more beautiful than you think!

Understanding – Without a doubt I think mature women are far more understanding than younger females. The fact that issues that come up in any relationship can be talked about at a reasonable volume level and an understanding from both side makes my partner very attractive. Knowing you can talk about anything makes any partner more attractive in my opinion. When I hear other couples having a domestic dispute and they are both talking and listening to each other without cutting each other off to me means both are reasonable people.

Independent – A women that can take charge or step up to the plate when the situation calls for it. Can make decisions and stands up for what she believes in and will argue her point if she feels her point of views is right. Also can be independent enough to go an do things on her own.

A Good Mother – When my first child was born I was nervous and unsure about everything to do with my new son. My wife seemed to know exactly what do purely out of motherly instinct. Big respect here! A take charge mom that knows what going on and what has to happen next. Watching moms with their children, teaching them, nurturing and encouraging them is very attractive and now that I’m older I hold and even higher respect for mothers.

Fun to be with – laughing and joking is vital for any relationship at any age but I find it to be more important now than ever before. A great sense of humor and being very down to earth is a BIG time game changer these days. Getting a “Goose” from your partner when you bend over is frick’n funny! Or a fart on the leg in bed as payback for something you did earlier is what I’m talking about. My partner will “Pants me”, meaning she will pull my pajama bottoms down in the kitchen when my back is to her and my hands are full. Wanting to be with the person that is always going to make you laugh is more important then how hot they may look in a bikini. Remember to ALWAYS surround yourself with people that your going to have a great time with and always leave behind those that bring you down with drama and stress.

Empathy, Compassion – Two attributes I never considered from my partner as a younger male. Trying to understand someone else pain or discomfort and doing what you can to help is often overlooked. These are certainly not the first things you look for on a first date, but if I was on the first date and watched my date show empathy or compassion I would certainly take note as to what her real personality might be like.

Courteous – A women that uses her manners in a meaningful way roles big time with me. There are so many people, men and women alike that think everyone owes them something. My partner always says “Thank you” and “your welcome”. The younger generation seems to have missed this life lesson when growing up and it’s sad to see. One time my partner grabbed a teen by the shirt who was trying to push ahead of an elderly women in the grocery line. She said “young man where are your manner and respect” while she lightly pulled the teen back out of the way. Everyone clapped!! That was hot!!!

Adventurous – I love being spontaneous and trying new things and partner that enjoys the same things certainly is attractive and very bonding. Things like random road driving or heading out for a drive with no destination and seeing new places and things.  Trying new things like snorkeling, wall climbing, or getting up and singing at Karaoke. On the flip-side those women who know the importance of family time and still want date nights!

Touchy Feely – I found it very surprising to find out the amount of women and men that do not like physical contact. Boo!!! A women that likes to hold hands or cuddle to a movie is very attractive to me. I like to feel skin and warmth from my partners body. Call it age but I do not like laying in bed on the opposite side of my partner, I prefer laying in bed where at least my foot, leg, arm. hand or bum is in contact all the time. Those women that don’t like to hug, kiss in public, hold hands or show intimacy….Boo!

What is NOT Attractive to me at 50 years of age

Superficial women who talk about other people all the time or try to keep up with the “Jones’s next door”. Don’t always be fooled by great looks, the real beauty can be deep inside.

I have been using Genf20 for over 5 years now and it has really helped me stay and look younger. When I first saw these results about 4 years ago I could not believe how HGH enhancers have changed my life and they can change other peoples lives as well. My mission is to provide those who are interested in HGH supplements with the correct and honest information about why it works and how it works.

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