Valine Amino Acid for Anti Aging

Valine the Power Branched-chain Amino Acid

Valine is one of the twenty common proteinogenic amino acids that make up proteins of humans and animals and is considered to be an essential amino acid, as it cannot be synthesized in the human body naturally.

Valine Function in the Body


It’s in the classification of “nonpolar” and plays an important role in the formation of proteins, therefore, it is necessary to try to include a sufficient amount of this amino acid in your daily diet through food that have high amounts in them like, meats, dairy products, soy products, beans and legumes.

Valine is an α-amino acid
Valine is an α-amino acid

Also it’s a very important amino acid that is necessary for metabolism in muscle, to repair the damaged tissues and to maintain normal nitrogen metabolism in the body. It is a branched chain amino acid, which means it can be used as a source of energy for muscle.

This amino acid aids preventing the breakdown of muscle, since it supplies the muscles with an extra glucose responsible for the energy production throughout physical activity. It’s known as a precursor in the penicillin biosynthetic path and is known for hindering the transport of Tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier. Meaning that Valine is a vital amino acid important for smooth nervous system and cognitive performance.

Valine is essential for everyday body functions and for maintaining muscles, as well as for the policy of the immune system. This particular amino acid is not processed by the liver, but is taken up by muscles.


Valine is often used to correct deficiencies of amino acids e.g. as a result of addiction to drugs or as a component of parenteral protein nutrition.

Receiving Valine in the form of dietary supplements must be balanced with the reception of other branched chain amino acid like L-Leucine and L -Isoleucine. Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine are required under the following conditions and diseases: intense physical exercise, and stress, rehabilitation after surgery, AIDS , cancer , lack of protein foods and many others.

As a dietary supplement, Valine is often seen as a component of the protein shakes and powders and it can also be found in some energy drinks and bars. You will notice it as an ingredient in anti aging supplements like Genf20 Plus because of it’s ability to repair muscle and skin tissue faster making skin look younger.

The combination of key amino acids in just the right formula that must include all three amino acids together and along with L- glutamine to have anti aging benefits.

Valine Amino Acid Benefits

For athletes and people that exercise often and those with a low-protein diet should consider taking a valine supplement.  You should know that Valine is available as a stand-alone supplement BUT it should always be taken together with the other two branched-chain amino acids, isoleucine and leucine.

The ideal balance for maximum benefits is 2 milligrams of leucine and valine for each 1 milligram of isoleucine. Take a Genf20 supplement will ensure that all three of the BCAAs are being taken and in the correct formula.

  • Valine helps to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue by supplying the muscles with extra glucose for energy during exercises.
  • Remove potentially toxic excess nitrogen from the liver
  • Will transport nitrogen to other tissues in the body as needed.
  • Can help treat liver and gallbladder disease
  • Repairs damage to internal organs caused by alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • It can treat or even reverse hepatic encephalopathy, or alcohol-related brain damage. 

Natural Valine Food Sources

Valine Food Sources
Valine Food Sources

Valine can be found in some of the most common foods, including fish, poultry, cheese, sesame seeds, lentils, soybeans, mushrooms and peanuts.

The main advantages of the use of valine and

Valine is needed by the human body for normal growth and development as well as for tissue repair and maintain nitrogen balance. Valine may also be used as an energy source for the muscles. Valine promotes muscle growth but this statement has not yet been proven conclusively.

It is important to know that drug and alcohol abuse leads to a deficiency of many amino acids and the damage from such diseases can be minimized with the use of a sufficient amount of Valine. It helps to restore brain and liver damage.

That is why Valine is often prescribed to the patients with liver disease, diseases of gall bladder and to those who are recovering from injuries and surgical interventions, especially if the disease leads to loss of muscle mass.

Known Side effects of Valine

Receiving Valine in very high doses may cause a variety of skin reactions plus excessive levels of Valine can lead to symptoms such as paresthesia (tingling sensation on the skin) or even hallucinations.

Before taking drugs containing Valine, is very important to consult a competent expert. Do not forget that self-diagnosis and self-medication can rarely lead to the disastrous results.

I have been using Genf20 for over 5 years now and it has really helped me stay and look younger. When I first saw these results about 4 years ago I could not believe how HGH enhancers have changed my life and they can change other peoples lives as well. My mission is to provide those who are interested in HGH supplements with the correct and honest information about why it works and how it works.

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